Chemical composition and biological activity of seed oil of amaranth varieties


  • Soyibjon S. Bozorov
  • Nodir Sh. Berdiev
  • Uchkun J. Ishimov
  • Shukhratjon S. Olimjonov
  • Jamolitdin F. Ziyavitdinov
  • Akmal M. Asrorov
  • Shavkat I. Salikhov



Amaranth oil, Fatty acids, Refractometric detection, Reversed-phase HPLC, Squalene, Triglycerides


The work is devoted to study of seed oil composition of amaranth varieties: Kharkov, Lera, Andijan and Helios, acclimatized in Uzbekistan. We demonstrated the possibility of using reversed-phase HPLC using a refractometric detector, which allows simultaneous determination of squalene and triacylglycerides in plant seeds and determining the authenticity of amaranth oils. Established seed oiliness ranged from 6.39 to 7.81 % of the initial mass. Amaranth oil samples contained quite large amount of unsaturated fatty acids 72.72 – 73.28 %, 1.17 % of which is omega-3-alpha-linolenic acid. The squalene content in the seeds ranged from 0.35 % to 0.55 %. It was established that the squalene content in oils obtained by extraction is greater than the one obtained by cold pressing. In the triacylglyceride composition of the investigated cold-pressed and extracted oils, no significant differences were found.




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Bozorov, S. S. ., Berdiev, N. S. ., Ishimov, U. J. ., Olimjonov, S. S. ., Ziyavitdinov, J. F. ., Asrorov, . A. M., & Salikhov, S. I. . (2018). Chemical composition and biological activity of seed oil of amaranth varieties. Nova Biotechnologica Et Chimica, 17(1), 66–73.



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