Facile Decoration of Silver Nanowires Microstructure with Carbon Nitride Nanoparticles as a Membrane for Water Treatment

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Thuyet Minh Nguyen
Hung Thai Le


Silver nanowires (AgNWs) decorated by carbon nitride nanoparticles (CNPs) have been successfully synthesized using glucose as a carbon source, melamine as a nitrogen source and AgNO3 as a silver source via the hydrothermal process and applying in the preparation of fouling membranes. Toghether, the freshly synthesized AgNWs and CNPs produced through redox reaction of glucose and melamine, processes the in-situ assembly of the coaxial 1D nanostructure of Ag covered by CNPs. The obtained CNPs with the uniform size of around 20 nm were aggregated on the surface of AgNWs which has average diameter of 50 nm. The fabricated AgNWs/CNPs membrane performances an enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible-range irradiation and shows excellent dye degradation catalyst.

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