Fatty acid composition of curd spread with different flax oil content


  • Anastasiia Lialyk
  • Oleg Pokotylo
  • Mykola Kukhtyn
  • Ludmila Beyko
  • Yulia Horiuk
  • Svetlana Dobrovolska
  • Oksana Mazur




Cottage cheese, Curd spread, Flax oil, Polyunsaturated fatty acids


The creation of new types of dairy products for functional purposes with the addition of unconventional oils as sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is a promising and relevant research sphere. The study aimed to investigate the fatty acid composition of experimental samples of curd spread with different content of flax oil. The fatty acid composition was determined on a Hewlett Packard HP-6890 chromatograph with a flame ionization detector equipped with a 100 m long SP-2560 capillary column. It is established, that the total content of saturated fatty acids in curd spread containing 8 %, 10 %, and 12 % of flax oil was reduced, and the general total content of unsaturated fatty acids increased accordingly by 5.73 %, 6.94 % and 7.31 %, compared to the control sample without flax oil. The gas-chromatographic analysis showed that flax oil is rich in omega-3 PUFA due to its high content of α-linoleic acid, so adding flax oil to the spread led to an increase in its content of α-linolenic acid and, accordingly, increased the content of PUFA of the omega-3 family. Thus, adding 8 %, 10 % and 12 % of flax oil to the curd spread, the content of α-linolenic acid in it increased accordingly by 3.91 %, 4.52 %, and 4.69 %, compared to the control sample. Curd spread with 10 % content of flaxseed oil is characterized by the most optimal fatty acid composition. The ratio of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated in this curd spread is 1.9 : 1, and the ratio between PUFAs of the omega-3,-6, and -9 families are 1.3 : 1: 5.3.




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Lialyk, A. ., Pokotylo, O. ., Kukhtyn, M., Beyko, L. ., Horiuk, Y. ., Dobrovolska, S. ., & Mazur, O. . (2020). Fatty acid composition of curd spread with different flax oil content. Nova Biotechnologica Et Chimica, 19(2), 216–222. https://doi.org/10.36547/nbc.v19i2.776



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